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KnowCost for Jira




View Product Versus Spend Burndown in Jira in Real-Time


The KnowCost for Jira Dashboard brings financial and delivery data together in one single view, so you can stay on track, on-cost and on top of your Agile delivery projects. 

IT Service Providers can use KnowCost for Jira in Client Delivery Mode, which is designed to track sensitive financial data that only a subset of users on a project should ever see.

Set both a Cost rate and a Sell rate on the Team Rate card

Track against financial targets on revenue, COGS and margin

Manage Discount and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) values

Publish a Statement of Account to the Dashboard to track billing

Only Users with Service Provider permissions are presented with an additional section below the standard Dashboard, which shows all project financial data including a real-time comparison of current revenue, COGS and margin values against project targets

Financials for Service Providers

Only the Service Provider can see this section below the Dashboard

KC11 (1).png
Statement of Account for Client

Whilst the Client sees their Statement of Account

With KnowCost for Jira, Service Providers have a real-time view of their own key account metrics on the same dashboard as project delivery and budgetary data, providing greater insights into cost optimizations, investments, and growth opportunities, than ever before!

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As an IT Service Provider, we are always looking for ways to invest in our customer's success whilst optimizing our own margins - KnowCost helps us do both of those things on our T&M and fixed price projects. Every project should have KnowCost - our customers absolutely love it and it helps us adjust to changes like never before! 

Tony Clarey, VP of Business Development at Euvic

Key Benefits


Available in Cloud

Costs and delivery Data in one place

Reign in Spending on Scope & Team 

Identify areas ripe for efficiencies

Projected Final Costs and Release Date

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