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Single Location For All Your Meeting Actions!

“With remote work here to stay, the meeting is just one of the workflows that had not been optimized yet” (Lainy Painter, Craft Ventures)

The Productivity Management Software market size will have a worth of $103B by 2027  (Grand View Research)

  • According to Grand View Research The global productivity management system market size  was valued at USD 47.33 billion in 2021 ​​

  • This market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.3% from 2022 to 2030 in the US

KnowActions which is positioned to be the mobile-first and speech-to-text option in the meeting actions management space has the ability to address the waste in cost and time highlighted by the stats by:
  • Making tracking actions via documents, emails or spreadsheets a thing of the past
  • Collating all meeting actions into one easy to use and intuitive app where actions are assigned to owners, viewable, discussable and tracked to completion

Improve Productivity & Reduce Costs!

  • Only 37% of organisations track the productivity and effectiveness of their meetings

  • 28% of meetings have poor preparation by team members

  • 25% of meetings have no actions assigned

KnowActions helps increase productivity and ultimately cost by:

  • Assigning in-meeting actions that are tracked to completion before the next meeting

  • Making team members accountable for their assigned actions

  • Tracking team members efficacy in closing actions visually on the innovative kanban actions tracking board

  • Facilitating collaboration and support in helping team members to close actions

  • Providing a single app for the creation and sharing of actions, negating the need to track actions across multiple platforms and sources

Create & Track All Actions to Completion!

Creating and sharing actions in KnowActions is simple and intuitive using text or audio

1. To create an action  tap the + icon 

2. To add an action by text tap the edit  icon 

3. Type the action into the action card

4. To add an action by audio continue to press  the microphone icon  and narrate the action

5. To set a due date for the action tap the date icon in the action card 

6. Tap the action due date on the calendar, then tap ok 

7. To assign the action to a team member tap the + icon in the action card 

8. Type the username or email address of the action assignee into the textbox and tap done

9. Tap the Save button in the action card. then tap share to assign the action

10. The completed action shows in the Actions Assigned by Me screen date

11.  The Action Card  shows the action title, assigned action owner and due date at the top. The creation date and add comment, edit and delete icons are shown at the bottom

Visual tracking  of assigned actions using the innovative kanban board is simple and intuitive using text or audio

Reduce Unnecessary Meetings! 

  • In 2017  37% of employee time is spent in meetings! (Cisco)

  • 63% of meetings are held without an agenda (Attentiv)

  • Poorly organised meetings cost $399B  in the US and $58.1B in the UK annually (Doodle)

  • Unproductive meetings costs US companies $37B annually (STL Presents

  • Only 37% of organisations track the productivity and effectiveness of their meetings

  • Around 83% of employees spend up to 33% of the workweek in meetings

  • Meetings take up to 15% of an organisations collective time

  • Executives spend an average of 23% of their weekly time in meetings

  • Approximately 50% of meeting time is spent on irrelevant topics

  • Employees spend an average of 4 hours per week preparing for status meetings

KnowActions helps reduce the time and cost lost to unnecassary meetings by making sure you only meet when you need to:

  • Assign in-meeting actions to owners, which are viewable, discussable and tracked to completion 

  • Leverage insightful statistics about meeting waste driving change

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