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KnowActions is the World's premier meeting-tracking app designed for mobile devices! Using KnowActions users can invite users into a community and share and track meeting actions with community members.                              


By inviting users to their community work teams can be created. Users can be invited by username if they are already registered on KnowActions or via email. When users accept the invite they will become part of your community and you can assign actions to them, with a due date. The action assignee can move this action from To Do to On-Hold then into In Progress and To Done when the action is complete. Comments can be made on the action card. When the assignor of the action makes a comment a notification will be sent to the action assignee, or owner of the action. All these action stages can be tracked. All members of the community can assign actions to other communinty members. 


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Actions can be created by typing the action into the action card or using the speech to text feature..

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